Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unique Antique's: 1931 Ford Model "A"

It isn't often you come across a car over sixty years old that is in daily drivable condition, let alone a car over eighty years old. That's precisely what we have here in this 1931 Ford Model "A". As the interior consists  of all original components, I hesitated to open it up and crawl around inside. However, once I opened the drivers door, I quickly realized that this thing is in fantastic shape! The headliner and cloth seats should disintegrate and fall apart at the slightest breath, but to my surprise, they've stood the test of time spectacularly. All throughout, I noticed a few archaic tid-bits and elements that would baffle a modern day car shopper, but to me, they were things of beauty indeed.

Just getting this car up and running is a step back in time itself! I can imagine that back in the day, going through the various sequences of events that get it started up would make one feel like a NASA engineer, what with the choke, timing and throttle all needing to be in the correct positions or else it absolutely will NOT turn over. Of course, nobody thought the procedure was over-complicated back then, only because that's just what needed to be done. But it does shed some light on how much technology has advanced in the last century in the automotive industry.
That little silver dome in the center of the floor? The accelerator pedal.
Honestly, I never thought something so old could be so impossibly difficult to start. One would think that the older it is the simpler it is, (which is technically true in this case) but I feel like as a society, we've lost touch with our desire to get hands on in regards to the cars we drive. For example, take one look at any modern day engine compartment and you will more than likely see nothing but a sea of plastic covers, disallowing anyone other than a trained technician underneath the folds of the protective shielding.

In the end, I'm oh so grateful that there are people out there that find the time and energy to store and restore these cars. They aren't sporty, they aren't comfortable, and they certainly aren't drop dead gorgeous, but they certainly hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Americans across the nation who have an appreciation for vintage steel. Come down to our lot in Santa Clara and check it out in person!

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