Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Will be Batman's Next Ride?

When "The Dark Knight" was released in July of 2012, the new Batmobile was on the forefront of everyone's mind. What we saw was a bloated, overweight tank that had no business being wielded by the Batman. He is supposed to be nimble, lightweight, and athletic; certainly the Tumbler couldn't be any of those things. But our minds were easily swayed once we witnessed the brutal power and speed that the Tumbler is capable of in the first movie of the trilogy.

Now, an older Batman will be duking it out with a much younger Superman, meaning that the Batman's equipment should be able to go blow for blow against the Man of Steel. Aside from his suit, the Batmobile is the single-most important piece of his artillery at his disposal, and I can't wait to see what Hollywood decides to utilize as his next legendary machine.
I'm thinking a much more streamlined version of the Tumbler would make a fantastic Batmobile, along with more speed/flight capabilities. It will need to be more along the lines of a Gundam/Transformer in order to be able to compete with Superman's plethora of abilities at his disposal.
In fact, I don't really know how they plan on making a fight between the two interesting. Of course imaginations run wild in the Hollywood hills, so I doubt they'll have any trouble thinking somethin up.
What are your thoughts? What would be your first choice for a Batmobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and remember to "like" and share on Facebook!


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