Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Man Dies Immediately After Buying Harley

Buying a motorcycle is a serious life decision. When deciding whether or not you are going to risk your life on a motor and two wheels, make sure you know what you're doing.

"The Casper, Wyoming, man would visit the local Harley Davidson shop every week for the last 38 years, and every week for the last 38 years his wife would put the kibosh on his dream of owning his own hog saying it was too dangerous."

Unfortunately for the family, he bought a big, heavy motorcycle with some serious grunt, making it a difficult platform to learn on. If and when you pick your first ride, may I strongly suggest you learn on a two thousand dollar 650cc, rather than a twenty thousand dollar , 98hp chopper. May God rest his soul. Here is a link to a motorcycle training course, which will give you all the tools and know-how to become a successful motorcycle rider. 

Source: Jalopnik.com

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