Thursday, July 18, 2013

Classic Turbo People Mover! Dodge Caravan Turbo

As many of you may know, my favorite category of automobile is the "Super Sleeper". In my humble (not) opinion, the look on someones face as you blow by them in something your mother would take to church every Sunday is absolutely priceless. What we have here is the ultimate super sleeper platform. It is a 1989 Dodge Caravan 2.5L turbo. In stock form it only has a measly 150 hp, with 170 ft lbs of torque. While these digits may not be very impressive at first glance, you must keep in mind that the normally aspirated version of the 2.5L mill barely pushes 100 hp. That being said, there is PLENTY of room for improvement. I can imagine losing some rotating weight by doing a balance shaft delete, or even something as simple as a slightly larger turbo would greatly improve the performance of this unassuming, soccer mom people mover. Would you drive this thing on the streets? Or does it need a bullet to the block? Let us know after checking out this sweet clip of a beefed up Caravan on the drag strip. Enjoy.

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