Thursday, June 6, 2013

These Guys are the Definition of Ballsy: 'Isle of Man' TT

Riding a motorcycle is like playing Russian Roulette; you can win, or you could lose, either way you'll get an incredible adrenaline rush. If you're the kind of guy who dreams of riding in the infamous Isle of Man TT race, then you play with five shells locked and loaded. I must say that I am completely astonished at how fast they hurtle through these dinky little town streets, rocketing past spectators with one thing on their mind: winning. And what surprises me most about the event is how little safety equipment is on hand. Obviously there are the obligatory giant foam pads placed strategically at certain corners, but other than that, it's the rider, his safety suit, and the bike. This is a pure, unadulterated need for speed that can only be satisfied with two wheels at F1 speeds. Insane in the membrane. Click one of the links below for the original video.


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