Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2014 MBZ CLA45 AMG: 355 Turbo'd Horses.

Once again, I come to find that a major auto manufacture has utilized a turbo powered four banger to produce some serious grunt. It only makes sense, as the archaic eight cylinder monsters that had previously been the go-to motors simply cannot compete in regards to fuel economy. This four door sedan gets an impressive 21 mpg around town and 31 mpg on the freeway. What impresses me most is that they squeeze over 350 horses and 330 ft lbs of torque out of a paltry little 2.0 liter block. I know it certainly isn't unheard of to get that kind of grunt from a four banger, but it's not too common in production model rides. Most of the 2.0l turbo cars out there require significant upgrades in order to boast those numbers. AMG has made it a point to make the future of the family sized sedans fun and powerful, while keeping as much cash in your pocket, and out of the gas tank.

For the full driven review, check out Autoblog's excellent article here.

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