Friday, May 24, 2013

Kansas Police Regret Allowing Civilian Use of Squad Cars.

In a little town called Valley Falls, Kansas, the local Police Department thought it would be a grand idea to allow a select group of civilians to use their fully decked out Police Interceptors for the day. Apparently, it was all in an effort to make the civilian-police relationship a little bit more amicable. Unfortunately for the genius behind the program, people in Valley Falls are more than likely to hop behind the wheel of a squad car for shenanigans, especially if given permission by the police themselves. And fortunately for the drivers of the cars, it doesn't look like anyone except the police will be taking responsibility for the hilarious hi-jinks that inevitably ensued.

According to one upset local resident, "He was turning the siren on and off, the headlights on an off, the flashers on and off, hit the airhorn a couple times. He floored it and he gunned it at maximum speed. I assumed it was a police officer so I came in to City Hall to file a written complaint, only to find out it wasn't even a police officer driving the car, that it was a civilian.
A gaggle of pissed off Valley Falls residents.
There was another report of another officer-impersonator (who turned out to be city-councilman Doug Wilderman) driving around with a little kid on his lap as they trolled around the little town.  What a great way to spend a couple hours. What would you do if given the chance to drive around in a cop car all day? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to "like" and share on you favorite social media outlet. Have a great day!


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