Tuesday, April 16, 2013

McLaren F1 With 0 Miles on the ODO? A Disgrace...

A McLaren that's never driven is like an eagle that never flies. These cars have been hailed as the pinnacle of road racing platforms and engineering for the last decade and a half, why in the world would they neglect to let it stretch its wings? A car like this has a heart and soul that will shrivel away and die without the proper lubrication and care that any sports car needs to keep in shape. Without the experience of driving such an incredible vehicle, the only pleasure you could possibly get from the thing would be that no one else would drive it either. And that seems not only selfish, but also a little disconcerting that people like this actually exist. The only way I can see this as being an acceptable practice is if the owner bought two at the same time, drove the first, and stored the second for safe-keeping for when the first breaks. Even then, it's still a little selfish, but if you can pay to play, why not? What do you think? Would you buy an incredible piece of automotive history and then never actually use it? Or would you have a private road course in the backyard of the manor you bought earlier this year? Personally, I would choose the latter, seeing as I have enough hypothetical cash to own a McLaren, but that's just me.
Source: Yahoo.com

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