Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sheik Has Too Much Money, Too Little Taste

So this man seems to have enough cash to blow on some of the dumbest toys on the face of the earth. The first one that makes my stomach churn rears its ugly face a mere 8 seconds into the video. It seems to be an early 90's MBZ E-Class with some seriously gaudy paint. Then of course there are the obligatory American classics and what look to be a trio of 50's era Dodge pickups ranging from mini to gargantuan in size. I also saw an assortment of strange items that I never even thought anyone would want to own in the first place. First was the camping trailer so huge it can only be pulled by an earth mover, and then the globe that is the size of a small moon left me scratching my head as well. In any case, he has a strange taste in cars, that's for sure.

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