Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is the Most Expensive 4-Cylinder Car On the Market?

You would think that a car with only four cylinders would have a price tag with five digits or less. Generally speaking, this is not a question, but a fact. When one thinks of a four cylinder car, I would bet money the first thing that comes to your mind would start with a Hon-, and end with a -da. (If that didn't make sense, Honda. Here's your sign.) But what most people don't realize, is that there is a vast market out there, full of fantastically expensive 4-bangers to be drooled upon.

For starters, we have the 2012 Audi TTS Quattro Premium Plus Roadster. With a base private party price (Using KBB online) of $45k, this one is no bargain buy. You can easily add features like premium sound, prestige package, or navigation to make that price jump to more than fifty grand! That's certainly a big number, regardless of your income. What the cool $45k gets you is Audi's legendary Quattro AWD system, aggressive new styling, and a 2.0L turbocharged engine good for 211 horses.  Big things come in little packages, as they say.
Now, this car isn't strictly a 4 cylinder, but it does, in fact, utilize a small 4 banger in tandem with its hybrid drive system. Starting just under the $40k mark, this beauty makes the list as the only hybrid worth mentioning. It looks like a Camry, probably drives like a Camry, and has the gas mileage to make any tree-huggers out there jumping for joy. (35/34 mpg)

The last overpriced econo-car I've chosen is anything but your run-of-the-mill four cylinder vehicle. It is pretty much as featureless and dull as a go-cart, has little appeal to the eye, and has a puny 1.8L I4 with a measly 134 horsepower. However, looks and numbers can be deceiving, as we will see shortly. The Lotus Elise comes from a rich heritage of racing history, and it is supremely evident once you get behind the wheel of this car. It can out-handle essentially anything you could throw its way with ease, get you into more trouble than you could ever afford, and do it all for the princely sum of $60,000. Not enough bang for my buck, if you ask me.

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