Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 Ugly Cars That I Think Are Beautiful...

1. 2013 Volvo C30 Polestar Concept:
I like this car simply because it's so vastly different from almost every other Volvo on the face of the earth. It's edgy, quick, and a hatchback, making it the only one of its kind. It also has a turbo,  which makes it automatically that much cooler.

2. 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe:
The CTS-V Coupe shares the same engine as its cousin, the Chevrolet Corvette. That means you will get the same noise and power associated with American supercars, along with the comfort and techno goodies expected in a Cadillac.

3. 2008 Pontiac GTO:
Interestingly, I didn't even notice the similarities of this car and the previous "cool/ugly" car on this list. The GTO also shares the Corvette's LS2 engine,  which means that Chevy is doing a great job getting their moneys worth out of that platform.

4. 2012 Range Rover Evoque:
The Evoque has been around for only a few short years, and already it has made quite the impact on the automotive world. Many people say that they love the way this smaller, more refined Range Rover looks, but most agree that it won't win any beauty contests. Personally, I am a member of the former group. How about you?

5. 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X:
Honestly, this one makes almost every list I ever make, which is pretty exceptional in my mind. I suppose I'm drawn towards this car because it's practically what I already own, but it truly is an ugly car. But, it has power to all four tires, a 5-speed transmission, and a turbo. What more could a guy want?


  1. None of these cars are ugly.

  2. They certainly aren't very attractive.

  3. At least in person, the C30 is just downright lunchboxy, the CTS-V is the grandpa racecar, the Evoque looks completely useless as anything but a paperweight, and the Evo X? Really? Its all in the eye of the beholder.