Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2014 Corvette Looks Remarkably Like the F12 Berlinetta

The year 2013 ushers in the most recent reincarnation of the legendary Chevrolet Corvette. This years model features an much needed all-new interior, a completely redefined LT1 engine, and a re-worked exterior, making this (hopefully) the best Corvette produced to date.
The first thing I noticed about the striking new design, is that it looks remarkably similar to a Ferrari I've seen recently. The 2012 F12 Berlinetta is the Prancing Pony's flagship model which is 100% appropriate as it shares the same 12 cylinder engine as the Enzo, and the timeless design of a Ferrari. Many have cried foul because of the similarities between this and other cars, including the rear fascia of the 2012 Camaro, and the headlights that match the new Dodge Viper almost perfectly.

It seems that Chevy decided it was time to up the ante in regards to performance as well as quality of build. The new engine boasts 450 HP and 450 ft. lb of torque. Now, these aren't huge numbers for a car of this caliber, but I can promise you that they are sufficient for what it is. It sprints from 0-60 in under four seconds, which has been the standard for most base model 'Vettes released in the past 7 years. Lap times and braking distance remains largely the same, because of Chevy's choice to leave the old suspension used in the Grand Sport.

All in all, the new Stingray Corvette is the culmination of all the years of Corvette history rolled into one edgy, new beast. Of course, there will be loyalists and naysayers, but when are there not? I believe that it is an excellent addition to the Chevrolet family, and I can't wait to drive one myself! Don't forget to "Like" Wheels and Deals on Facebook, and keep updated on future reviews and announcements!

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