Thursday, November 1, 2012

2013 Ford Fusion: Aston Martins Cousin?

As of late, auto manufactures have pumped out some of the best-looking cars on the planet in the last 5 years alone. The Dodge Viper GTS, Nissan GT-R, and the 5.0L Ford Mustang come to mind, just to name a few. Although the new Ford Fusion is nowhere near being in the same league in performance terms, I could definitely see myself driving one of these to work every day. (Minus the gaudy rims.) Honestly, I'm not a fan of anything that would hurt the handling capabilities of my vehicle; I want it to perform at its peak 100% of the time.
Critics of the new Fusion have almost nothing good to say about it at all, except perhaps they are excited by the 2.0L Ecoboost engine Ford will be using to power the little bugger. Generally speaking, they maintain that using styling cues from Aston Martin is lazy and irresponsible design, but I'm all for it if that means there will be a really good-looking family car that doesn't cost more than your house roaming the streets. Honestly, why not? Should the wealthy be the only ones to get a sexy cars? I think no. Now I'm not actually hating on people with money, I've just always wondered why all the truly beautiful cars cost way too much cash to the common man. Do you really have to design OUR cars to look boring and dull just because they don't cost as much? Never made sense to me, and now it looks like Ford is finally doing something about it. Thank you Ford, for making the common car cool again! What do you guy's think? Is the "Aston Martin look" cheating? Or does it inject much-needed style to the Ford line-up? Let us know in the comments below. Please don't forget to Like and Subscribe for future updates and articles.
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