Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inexpensive Track Days? Yes Please.

This guy's name is Marty, and Marty can now include himself on a list of people that I enjoy watching very much. Creepy? Maybe. But there is a pretty good reason as to why I would make such a strange statement regarding a member of the same sex. Marty knows that you don't need a million bucks to have a blast with your car. There are plenty of guys that I know that own cars that really have no business on a racetrack. Honestly, if you consider the other cars you could be "competing" against, there is no way you would want to subject yourself to such humiliation. However, Marty here shows us the error in our logic. If you don't go to the track with the intent of winning, you will have an absolute blast. You should be going to goof off in a safe environment that also allows you to hone your driving skills. Check it out and enjoy.

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