Friday, October 12, 2012

Forza: The Land of Fantastical Opportunity

Generally speaking, drifting around corners at high speed is frowned upon by "The Man". As a result, budding drifters have been limited to track meets, or in this case, a Forza meet. Here in the land of unlimited funds and beautiful tracks from around the world, you are free to choose from almost any car on the market worth driving, and you have the freedom to do whatever the hell you want on said track. You can drive anything from the original Toyota AE-86, to the Lexus IS-250.  These guys did an outstanding job of highlighting many of the cool features available to you in Forza 4. Not only can you hang out/goof off with friends online, but you can record, edit, and share videos of your races! Thank God I have this sitting in my room at home, because if I didn't, I would more than likely be in jail. The po-po don't like it when your car is faster than theirs. Check it out and enjoy.

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