Friday, August 17, 2012

1974 Ferrari Dino GT Buried Alive?

It's not often you hear about full sized automobiles being dug up in someones backyard, especially a Ferrari. However that's exactly what happened back in 1978 after the police were tipped off by an informant. When they arrived at the home where the Dino was located, they started poking around the backyard with a shovel, hoping to find something buried below them. Lo and behold, they struck steel and called for backup. Upon removal from the ground, they soon realized that very little damage had actually occurred while entombed in L.A., and there was no owner to speak of. So police set up an auction to sell the car and were successful in getting rid of their little headache. The new owner was a plumber and California native, and he loved the idea of owning something that had risen from the dead. So he painstakingly had the car restored to its original condition through several different people. One of them being a small-time Ferrari mechanic by the name of Giuseppe Cappalonga, owner of F&M Motorsports in L.A. He did a minor overhaul of the motor and left the cosmetic issues to the new owner, who had another gentlemen take care of the exterior over the course of three weeks. In that time, it transformed from something never to be driven again, to the daily driver you see in the video. It just can't get any better than this. Check it out and enjoy.

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