Saturday, May 19, 2012

Only The Coolest Thing Since Touchscreen!!!

 Okay, so it is a touchscreen, but this touchscreen HEALS ITSELF. Yeah, as in, if you scratch it with a dropped set of keys and it gets a nick, it will grow itself back. This is the next generation of technology and of course, it'll be a major part of the cars of tomorrow. It won't be widely seen very soon, but you can bet your biscuits that it'll show up in high-end cars like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's, and slowly work its way into something a little closer to our price range in the next decade or so. The tech is still young, but it's another answer to trimming more weight off cars to keep up with the increasingly difficult CAFE standards of the future. Less weight means higher fuel economy, and a higher power-to-weight ratio. Personally, I can't wait to see it on a widely manufactured car. That would mean we are closer to time-travel because I believe it'll happen around the same time. Check out the video and tell me you don't think this will take off like a rocket. So cool.

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