Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Man Must Crush Skylines To Avoid Doing Time.

Dealing with the Federal Government is not something any of us take pleasure in doing, but especially not when they're only there to take something that belongs to you, and then destroy it.  And I mean destroy quite literally in this instance, because the man who owns the aforementioned Skylines is now facing two felony counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, one felony count of owning a vehicle without a VIN tag, and two misdemeanors tied to missing VIN numbers. That's quite the punishment for owning "unregistered" vehicles. I wish the Feds would start finding real criminals to incarcerate, rather than car guys with everything to lose. And honestly, none of this would seem so bad if they didn't have to crush these beautiful machines. It will be a sad day when the death of these cars comes to pass, a sad day indeed. Hopefully, the "perpetrator" will find a way out of this mess with his freedom still intact, but I certainly won't be holding my breath. You can check out the restoration process on his website @: bigbirdskyline.com.The car in the video being dyno tested is one of the two confiscated vehicles. The other car, aptly named "Big Bird", is in the gallery on the website. Check 'em out and mourn the loss of two incredible machines with the rest of the automotive world..
Source: autoblog.com

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