Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Just LOL'd My Pants Off. Fahrradi Farfalla FFX

 In what seems to be the coolest car on the planet, we have one Johannes Langeder, who is an Austrian artist out of, well, Austria. Nothing is cooler than something that looks like it's not, and that was never more true than right now. This machine was created as the little brother of Langeders' last project, a Porsche GT3 RS pedal car. Both of the cars are strangely life-like, and built to factory specs. Not really, but who cares? The 220lb frame of the "Fahrradi" is powered by eleven speed bicycle gears and has a top speed of slow; really slow. So I have no clue how they pulled off the absolutely insane barrel roll at the end of the video. By the way, those aren't real car sounds, in case you were wondering. Watch the clip and prepare to be blown away.

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