Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Does China Get All The Fun Stuff?

I follow the auto industry pretty closely, and lately I've noticed there are an awful lot of high-end luxury cars being sold in China. Normally, I wouldn't think anything of it because let's face it, China has rich people too, right? But my curiosity makes me look a little closer and I learned that a large portion of these cars won't even be offered here in the states. What exactly does this mean? I believe it means that the real bread-winner in the world is slowly changing from the mighty USA to the constantly growing China. Autoblog.com is a source I go to on a fairly regular basis, and I've noticed that many of the articles written there are all about what's going on at the Beijing Auto Show. Now I'm not biased by any means, I just feel like it's kinda ironic that the auto industry is starting to center around China of all places, home of the greatest drivers on the planet. Here are some pics of the China-exclusive cars being released in the near future.
                                                 Bugatti Veyron Wei Long (lol)
                                                 Rolls Royce Ghost Six Senses
                                                  Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase
                                                  Volkswagen Lavida
                                                  Aston Martin Dragon 88
                                                  Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng

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