Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Return of Long Lost Style?

This thing just screams, "DRIVE ME!!!"
 Back in the day, cars weren't just tools to get from one place to another. They were a blend of handcrafted art and technology that showed who a person was. In the mid-seventies, all that began to change. Gas prices skyrocketed, the style and power we grew to love plummeted, and the build designers were hard-pressed to create cars that made economical sense. Unfortunately, with the demise of the gas hogs of our past came dreary, bland econoboxes that we all know and hate. Throughout the eighties and all the way to the early 2000's, these designs continued their trend of boring and unthoughtful designs.
1996 Dodge Neon Sport...Where's the SPORT?
But there is hope! Dodge and other major players in the auto industry have recently gotten a clue and are putting out some pretty good lookin cars. No longer are they flat sided, dreary things with nothing to offer except "excellent gas mileage". Of course, there are still boring cars being produced (Prius, cough, cough), but that's to be expected in an economy powered by the mindless masses that don't have personalities themselves. But that's OK. Everyone has their reasons, and I'm not knockin em. Just don't come cryin to me when your Prius can't outrun the Apocalypse and I'm using you as a distraction from the zombies.
Would You Drive Me? I'd Drive Me.......

Aside from escaping meteors and flesh eating undead, the new designs these people are coming up with really stand out in a crowd. They're fresh, innovative, and the quality of parts is outstanding. I'm stoked that they've stepped up their game design-wise and have kept up with the economic aspect of it as well. Hopefully this trend continues in the future because I'm really startin to like it. 

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