Thursday, February 2, 2012

Droolin Over Nothin....

Oh God, yes please.......Just not in red?
 In a perfect world, there would be no war, no famine, no Lady Gaga (or Niki Minaj, for that matter), and I would have twenty cars in the driveway of my multi-billion dollar home. Alas, these things are not so, and my driveway is still devoid of my automotive fantasy. As I write this, tears flow freely down my cheeks, because I know my dreams will more than likely, never come to pass. But, there is still hope. I have (hopefully), many long years ahead of me and maybe, just maybe, if I work hard, save money, and eat one less meal a day, I can afford one of the beasts I long for sometime in the future. 
I'll take five.....No, make it ten.....
 Working at a car lot helps squelch my appetite for horsepower and sexy lines through the hundreds of cars that come through all the time. We've seen everything out here from monster trucks, top fuel drag cars, to VW Bugs custom built to look like bumper cars. Some cars are stranger than others, some are faster, and still yet, some are just better looking. But everyone has that one car, constantly in the back of their mind, just screaming, BUY ME, every time they see one. It's their personality an individual sees in the car, the human-like characteristics that people love about them. Honestly, I could spend all day on here describing a hundred cars I would kill to own, but I don't want anyone labeling me as a closeted genocidal maniac.
The REAL American Dream.
I know y'all have some specific car constantly lingering in the back of your mind, and sometimes on the tip of your tongue. So, tell me, If you could own one car for every finger, what would it be and why? I only say for every finger, because I am incapable of picking just one myself. Hopefully talking about it will relieve some of the stress you feel at not being able to own one. Sometimes venting helps you not to relapse over cars. Comment and subscribe for future articles written by yours truly.

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