Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1998 Stage 1 Roush Mustang: Then and Now.

This beast, produced by Ford in 1998, has 225 raging horses underneath its shiny black hood. Stock, of      course. What we have here is a completely gone through example of what can be done with enough passion, time, and money if one puts their mind to it. A good friend, named Jacob Martin, came in and bought this car with just over seven thousand miles on it in 2010, and since then has poured countless hours, dollars, and a few gallons of sweat into its final form. Let's see what it looks like twenty thousand miles later.
Gone are the GT wheels and the smallish factory brakes, as they have been replaced with 17" Cobra rims    and a brand-new Wilwood big-brake kit. Although it has the turning radius of a small SUV, this car now has all new adjustable suspension components, including sway bars, control arms, and big beefy tires. The stock 245's in the rear have been swapped for much more sticky 275's, and the front tires went up a couple sizes  as well.
 Anything and everything that can be done to make this car go faster has been done, short of a full blown     turbo or supercharger kit. He did a head swap, intake upgrade, full X-pipe exhaust, the works! Most of the work he did himself, including the camshaft upgrades, with the assistance of some mechanic buddies. For some of the more technical stuff, such as tuning the motor, he enlisted the help of Goodies Speed Shop ( in San Jose, CA. There he got an MSD ignition system installed, a short throw shift-kit, and shorter rear end gears down to 3:73 ratio. His new Spin-tech Mufflers give it a deep, throaty rumble that can be heard a block away.
After all is said and done, he bumped the power up to 340 at the flywheel from the original 225, and it       handles better than most anything on the road. Its all smog legal and ready to rock! Martin's been a U.S.     Army Specialist as a Lightweight Vehicle Mechanic for four years, based out of Moffett Field, in San Jose,  CA. Watch out for this sleeper driving around San Jose, because it'll probably eat you alive.    



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